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Windows (including frames), Conservatories, Cladding & all UPVC


As we all now need to be aware of green issues the purewater system means we can provide our customers
 with perfect clean windows with no
 harmfull detergents to pollute the environment 
The water we use has been taken back to a totally pure state resulting in it being just pure H20. The water out of our taps contains around 300 parts per million of disolved solids so in this state it is impure.
We use reverse osmosis technology and deionation tanks to take tap water back to a pure state of 0 parts per million of disolved solids    
The pure water we use has a desire to get back to its natural impure state. As this water is brushed on your windows it absorbs the dirt and so cleans your windows, a final rinse washes this dirt away leaving a clean sterile surface that dirt is much slower to adhere to, meaning your windows stay cleaner longer.
 Our vehicles have onboard watertanks
 containing the pure water needed to carry out our window cleaning services. This water is pumped through hoses to a brush
 attached to a telescopic pole. The water is pressurised and sprayed onto the glass and is brushed over the glass and window frames. The brush is then lifted off the glass and the jets of pure water are used to rinse the glass and frames washing away any remaining debris. There is no need to dry the glass as pure water dries spotless. As we have brushed your window frames and cills they too have been cleaned.
 Each year there are 1,500 accidents involving ladders resulting in  20 deaths and numerous serious injuries. The latest health and safety executive proposals on working at height states that working at height should be avoided "if it is not necessary to work at height DON'T".
With this in mind we have invested in our water fed pole system to ensure we are meeting these proposals and to enable our operatives to work in totally safe manner ensuring our and your safety at all times.
As every house is different it is hard to quote prices without seeing the job.  We are happy to visit you and offer you a no obligation quotaion.  As an example an 8 window house with no hard to reach windows or access issues would startat around £12.00 but as all windows are different in size and style.All prices  are subject to indvidual circumstance.
Conservatories start at around
 £5  for windows only
 and from
 £20 including roof.
 Again dependant on style and size.
These prices are based on regular cleans. 
One off cleans or extremely dirty windows would be charged at increased rates.